Rhyme & Reason Design launches company websites for Stateside Capital and Stateside Securities.

Here at Rhyme & Reason Design we love the girly details, but don’t assume that our talents only lie within the parameters of ribbons and bows. In fact, we thrive on stretching our creative prowess and immersing ourselves in strategic analysis.  Recently, we had the opportunity to learn a thing or two about the financial environment, through our work with Stateside Capital and Stateside Securities. Stateside is a strategic tax credit brokerage firm that connects taxpayers, community stakeholders and governmental entities to maximize the returns of their investments. Sounds intense right? Well after brushing up on our financial lingo and tax laws, we developed an online solution that is clear, informative and up-to-date.

Stateside, with the ever-changing tax opportunities and laws, is in an industry where information becomes old news almost as soon as it hits the media waves.  This built-in obsolescence requires that the company have the ability to change the information they provide their clients just as quickly.  Which means the R&R team needed to build a site that was not only visually attractive but, also easy-to-use for both the end-user and every Stateside employee in between.  By implementing WordPress’s intuitive content management system, we were able to create a site that can be updated, managed and edited by even those of us who still think code is a foreign language.  The unique design (thank you Ms. Laura Hayes) and fantastically easy content management system (shout-out to the genuiouses of the blogosphere) will allow Stateside to not only keep their clients up-to-date, but also continuously increase their search engine optimization.

Ok back to painting the world pink, but first maybe I’ll check out what Stateside has to say about my taxes.

www.statesidecapital.com  •  www.statesidesecurities.com

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