Sigma Delta Tau: Empowering Women, with a sparkling new brand.

It’s a branding dream when a client comes to you with a desire to revisit and redesign every element of their existing brand. It’s an adventure that can take a great deal of time and money on both client and agency side, but it’s worth every late night brainstorming session along the way to see a brand reborn. Rebranding affords a company or organization the motivation to revisit its history, future goals and desired aesthetic and message. It’s a great way to ignite companywide excitement and camaraderie!

In early 2010, we partnered with the GIN System to aid in the complete rebranding of the national sorority Sigma Delta Tau. With a rich heritage to draw from, deeply rooted principles and a hope and vision for each of its sisters, designing for Sigma Delta Tau was a blast.

Where did we start? We started by distilling the organization’s history and vision. The stylized Torch represented in the logo mark traces back to the house’s symbol, the stars represent diversity in the sisterhood and the Star of David at the apex represents their religious heritage. The fonts and colors embody their core mission of empowering femininity.

What came next? The next step in any successful rebranding is to create a guide, a set of standards, by which the mark and supporting elements should always be used. During this time, we flush out the business system (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, the works!), as well as signage and product application. This document will eventually be accessible by undergraduate and alumnae chapters to ensure that the brand is used properly in a cohesive manner.

Next steps? Once the brand has been fully developed, it’s time to apply it to the rest of the marketing materials. A new Sigma Delta Tau website was designed, pulling in every aspect of the new brand. The site redesign included upgrades such as, up–to-date news, photo galleries, quick links and social media links. These new tools allow for Sigma Delta Tau to communicate more effectively with their sisterhood by providing  information that is timely, accurate and exciting.

This may not be the last time you see the Sigma Delta Tau brand. Extension into Facebook and a variety of other venues will keep this brand growing and flourishing in the Greek community and beyond. Visit the site at