The Client

Founded in 1821, Covington/Newton County, Georgia, remains a classic Southern getaway just outside the metro Atlanta area. After surviving the Civil War, Covington/Newton County grew to be one of the most historic areas in Georgia. More recent developments in the Downtown Covington area have opened the county to becoming a wonderful shopping, entertaining and dining destination, in addition to a premier filming location for movies and TV.

The Sticky Wicket

After many successful films and TV shows used Covington/Newton County as the backdrop for their storylines, the county soon became pigeonholed in their reputation of “Hollywood of the South.” Many visitors to the county weren’t aware of all of the experiences the community had to offer, and the CVB was looking for a better representation for the county as a whole. Looking to become a more modern brand, Covington/Newton County did not want to abandon its Southern charm completely, but capitalize on the authentic encounters one can have when they take the time to visit the area.

The Awesome Sauce

  • Capitalized on the opportunity to establish key talking points with community members to emphasize the idea of “One Newton.”
  • “Take the Time” introduced visitors to the idea that they may have arrived in Covington/Newton County for one experience, but they were welcome to take the time to explore all that the county has to offer.
  • The downtown Main Street brand was additionally created to complement the main county brand and promote the idea of being one Newton County.
  • Leaning into a more modern twist on Southern hospitality sets Covington/Newton County apart from many of its competitors looking to move completely away from their Southern roots.
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