The Client

Holcombe Financial is a niche financial planning organization that champions the idea that you should only have to get rich once. Through a creative process, Holcombe helps clients think differently about their wealth, anticipate the challenges in wealth creation and develop innovative solutions to maintain their financial independence not just for now, but forever.

The Sticky Wicket

Financial planning organizations typically are perceived as a bit stodgy, oftentimes hard to understand and a little scary. Holcombe Financial is exactly the opposite, but how do you show and tell people that difference? For starters, create a cohesive brand that is clean and professional, but not stuffy, develop content that is smart but approachable and, of course, have a founder that can direct the vision.

The Awesome Sauce

Here at R&R, we’ve enjoyed a long-term partnership with Holcombe Financial and have helped create a full suite of marketing materials that are consistent in design, easy to understand and — most importantly — re-establish perceptions of what a financial planning organization can and should be like.