The Client

One on One Matchmaking is the Southeast’s premier boutique matchmaking service. The company offers hands-on expertise for high value men and women, ensuring that clients are spending their free time with the right person, not the wrong one. Through a customized, three-step dating process, One on One creates an investment-worthy experience for those looking for a better way to find love.

The Sticky Wicket

With more than 22 years in the business of love, One on One Matchmaking has evolved into one of the most trusted and successful matchmaking services in the industry. Their professional team of expert matchmakers has the knowledge and insight to connect the right people at the right time. However, the pandemic has shifted the dating experience. Therefore, the team realized that they too needed to re-evaluate who they were, how they were describing their services and how they were providing those services in order to better align with the changing needs of their high value clientele and prospects.

The Awesome Sauce

One on One’s digital experience more accurately reflects the ideal target market.

    • More upscale professionals are converting from casual browsers to committed
    • Smart content and compelling imagery more clearly tell the organization’s story of success and love.
    • The team’s introspection resulted in the creation of a completely re-imagined digital footprint. From e-signatures and social posts to animated stories and a new website, the overarching digital brand image for One on One was elevated through modern designs and targeted  messaging.
1on1 Website Design flat
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1on1 instagram post
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