4 Tips to Build Buzz

In growing a business, one of the main objectives sited in marketing and communications plans is to increase awareness. With the Internet, social media, traditional and non-traditional marketing, the ability to increase company awareness among a specific target market is vast. The real problem lies in taking action and finding the right avenues.

Below are a few tips to help get you started in the buzz building department:

1)    Know your target market: If you know your target market, you will be fully aware of their media consumption habits. By knowing what, where, when and why they read, watch and hear what they do, it will help you to find the best places to spread your message.

2)    Search, Search and Search some more: There are tons of blogs, Internet magazines, forums, discussion boards and the like that can offer you a fertile ground to promote yourself as an expert in your field and encourage awareness in your business. All you need to do is look for them.

3)    Don’t be afraid to ask: If there is a blog or a publication that you know is popular among your target audience, don’t be afraid to ask the editor or publisher if they take article submissions or conduct interviews.

4)    Engage: No matter where you choose to promote your message, make sure that what you are saying is valuable to your target market. If the material is well received by the audience, they are more than likely going to spread the message.

My one caveat is to be realistic in the knowledge that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business.  However every extra piece of information you put out into the world about your business helps lay one more brick, either virtually or physically. To prove that these tips work, check out http://wemagazineforwomen.com/this-woman-on-the-move-loves-what-she-does/ for a recent interview in which I was able to take part in do to some good old fashioned Google searching.