With this logo, I thee wed…

We first met Gregg on the sidelines of a soccer field, and it wasn’t long before he was crossing off the sidelines and over the welcome mats of many an AtlantaBen home, photographing some of Ben’s favorite clients in their sparkling new homes. After over a decade in the professional photography business, Gregg and his accomplice Caroline Bonvouloir have expanded from high-end real estate and family portraits into the world of wedding photography. With their keen ability to capture the energy and emotion of this momentous day, they are fast becoming a favorite in Atlanta’s wedding circles. Because of this transition, they felt it was time to revamp their brand to appeal to their young, trendy brides.

Rhyme & Reason Design was delighted to team up with the pair and work on their new identity. What resulted is a mixture of fonts, organic leafy patterns and a natural color palette. All these elements came together to create a beautiful mark that is both stylish and classic, with enough modern flare to appeal to both their client-brides and those that help them make the big decisions. Below is the mark we created and above, you may have noticed some fun shots taken with AltantaBen and a recent bride and groom. About to tie the knot? Check our their blog at www. gwphotogblog.com.

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