Thankful for…

As any good social media consumer knows, the month of November is filled with trends about why people are thankful. This year, Facebook encouraged people to write down one thing that they are thankful for per day, so by the end of the month the user would have 30 things to be thankful for. Not a bad plan. Here at Rhyme & Reason Design, we didn’t follow the trend, not that we aren’t thankful for a plethora of people, places and things more because time got away from us. Therefore, we want to make it up by listing out the 30 things we are thankful for right here in this blog.

Day 1: We are thankful for our amazing clients, without whom we wouldn’t have any Rhyme or any Reason.

Day 2: We are thankful for the unconditional love and support our families have bestowed upon us since we opened our virtual doors. Their words of encouragement both written on Facebook and said in person have buoyed us through every up and down.

Day 3: We are thankful for our friends who never complain about the multitude of “likes” we request, e-newsletters we fill their inboxes with or tweets we force upon them. Their good natures and willingness to meet us for a drink at the end of a long day have brought smiles to our faces many times over.

Day 4: We are thankful for our iPhones and Macbooks, their technological prowess allows us to communicate in every way shape and form, 24/7.

Day 5: We are thankful for our hobbies, whether lacing up our shoes to breath in fresh air on a run or saddling up to go for a ride, our health and sanity are better for them.

Day 6: We are thankful for caffeine. Particularly the kind that involves chocolate or coffee, because really no day is complete without either.

Day 7: We are thankful for our vendors. Those that make our designs shine on paper and those that bring our websites to life through code.

Day 8: We are thankful to Denmark {the agency} for not only introducing us, but providing us with a strong foundation on which to grow.

Day 9: We are thankful for Harry Potter, Twilight, Fast Company, Glamour Magazine, Mashable and Smartbriefs for providing us with hours of entertainment; the educational kind and the not-so-much.

Day 10: We are thankful to our kick-butt intern Virginia, who not only uploaded ridiculous amounts of content for us this summer, but enjoyed it so much that we were able to convince her to help us out each week throughout the year!

Day 11: We are thankful for wordpress and joomla, because who doesn’t love content management systems!

Day 12: We are thankful for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin for keeping us connected, because how else would we find out that our brother’s best friend’s sister got married or that Tebow was trending?

Day 13: We are thankful for networking events that allow us to connect with a variety of people who can enrich our knowledge base.

Day 14: We are thankful for every client, every friend and every acquaintance who has mentioned our name or our work to others – essentially becoming a brand ambassador for Rhyme & Reason.

Day 15: We are thankful for vacations where wi fi does not exist, because sometimes being constantly on can become overwhelming.

Day 16: We are thankful for the opportunity to not only open a business at the beginning of the economic crisis, but to stay in business throughout.

Day 17: We are thankful for globalization because the world really is our oyster. But, we are also thankful for localization because buying local keeps small businesses in business.

Day 18: We are thankful for the professors, the teachers and the instructors who cultivated our minds and assisted us in finding our career paths.

Day 19: We are thankful for our failures. Without the roadblocks we would never have the chance to learn and better ourselves.

Day 20: We are thankful for our business partnerships. As a small business, we can’t do it all, so having reliable business relationships enables us to provide the best possible product and service.

Day 21: We are thankful for Google analytics, Google Alerts,  Google Blog Search, SocialMentions, Facebook Insights and the dozens of other tools out there that allow us to monitor how our business and our client’s businesses are doing in the digital world.

Day 22: We are thankful for the University of Florida, for providing us with a great education, several diplomas, a love of all things orange and blue and unhealthy obsession with college football.

Day 23: We are thankful for free wi fi in airports, because how else are you supposed to get work done when you travel.

Day 24: We are thankful for our laptop bags and our Otterboxes because it is necessary to protect our must precious possessions with 17 layers of rubber, plastic and padding.

Day 25: We are thankful for Ignition Alley, Panera and the numerous coffee shops around Orlando and Atlanta that allow us to set up shop for a day, a week or even a year.

Day 26: We are thankful for holidays that allow us to spend quality time with the people we love (and thank them for all that they do).

Day 27: We are thankful for the 268 followers we have on Twitter and the 411 fans we have on Facebook, because at least we aren’t talking to ourselves:)

Day 28: We are thankful for the organizations that we have worked with (and those that we haven’t) that are working to make the world a better place.

Day 29: We are thankful to love what we do and have the chance to share it with the world.

Day 30: We are thankful for all of you who read through this entire list. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!