We’d like to say Thanks…

It’s that time of year when homes fill with the sweet smells of pecan pie, families gather together and even Facebook becomes a vehicle for giving thanks. From Thanksgiving through New Years, the world becomes a little warmer and a little fuzzier. Here at Rhyme & Reason, we’d love to think that we are always doling out appreciation and well wishes, but let’s be honest, we’re human and sometimes that means we get tired, forgetful and wrapped up in the hair-on-fire moments.

Although we still need a few more zzz’s and there are a couple embers glowing, we won’t sit by our computers and let Thanksgiving pass us by without giving a proper, blog-worthy thanks to the most important people, places and things in our lives.

Don’t worry, even though we sometimes live and breathe the social media trends, we won’t subject you to 30 days of thanks. Instead, we’ll have you feeling the warm fuzzies long before the tryptophan hits.

The People

  • Our clients, with their daily notes and exclamations of joy, make us smile, make us laugh and make us happy we do what we do.
  • Courtney Hurt, our art director and first full-time employee, is pretty much amazing (even if she’s a Dawg).
  • Our families and friends, the people who know us and still love us anyway, we should probably thank them every day.

The Places

  • Ignition Alley, our co-working space, brings us elbow-to-elbow with the entrepreneurial spirit of Atlanta.
  • Victory Sandwich, the Weedeater, the Hambo, the Spicy Ramen, the Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies, so much yummy goodness, you’d wonder why we ever bring our own lunch.

The Things

  • Our technological gadgets, thank you Apple, without them communication is lost.
  • Our hobbies, biking, riding and running, without them sanity is lost.


Happy Thanksgiving!