8 Reasons Why You Should Give Vine or Instagram Video a Shot

Instagram and Vine are creating an online buzz. This past June, Instagram, owned by Facebook, added video capabilities to their app. Not a shocker, right? Well, it wasn’t really, but the timing was. The Twitter-owned video app, Vine, had been released only a few weeks earlier, which made Instagram video look like Facebook trying to catch up.

Twitter and Facebook, two of the major social media giants, have been known for their rivalry, and their prodigies are, too. With the competition heating up, I’ve decided to give both Instagram video and Vine an equal shine by presenting you with 4 advantages of each video app.

Instagram Video

  1. Record 15s of video and post it to Facebook or Twitter instantly.
  2. With 13 different video filters, you can feel like a niche director. Quentin Tarantino, anyone? Film like a Boss.
  3. You have the option of editing the frame surrounding the film, encouraging your artistic side.
  4. Add hashtags, post videos and pictures, and tag other people. Then upload your content to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Flickr.

Pretty awesome stuff, right? Let’s see how Vine stacks up.


  1. Create videos that are 6 seconds long and then loop back around. Short and sweet.
  2. You live in the moment, since you cannot go back and alter them. Carpe Vine!
  3. Recording only happens while the camera button is being pressed, which gives you room to create awesome videos.
  4. An amazing feature of Vine is the warp speed video playback. Think strobe lights!

Instagram vs. Vine Begins

The feud that started at the end of June is growing into a full-out battle. People on Instagram are posting pictures of themselves deleting their Vine accounts. Vine is consistently updating the app’s capabilities to stay one step ahead of the game.

When Instagram was first released, I remember thinking, how do you have a social media platform with just pictures? But it was genius, pure genius. What do people like better than reading? Looking at pictures of pets, food, trees, or anything beautiful. With the filters, it’s fun to find potential for art in almost anything. And if a picture says a thousand words, a fifteen second video speaks volumes.

Then came Vine. The six-second restriction reels people in (pun intended). The viewer: “Only six seconds? I can watch that.” The Director: “Only six seconds? No time for fluff. Let’s do this.” Vine forces creativity in a way no social media has done before, which is why it’s so popular.

Ok, it’s time to weigh in on the Instagram versus Vine competition. Which one deserves the Rhyme & Reason Design Intern Seal of Approval?


For generation Y, Instagram is like the cool kids’ hangout. It is currently more popular than Vine and has been around long enough to build its own culture. Instagram video gives users the tools to be creative, with 20 different lenses and customizations. I love scrolling down my Instagram feed, checking out pictures and videos people post.


Vine’s platform is set up where everything except the fast-paced photo span is created by you. Vine is cool in the sense that Vine videos feel more authentic than Instagram’s. It also encourages users to be spontaneous and think of how to stage something creatively.

The Verdict

Instagram and Vine could learn a thing or too from each other. Vine could offer video editing like Instagram, and make a clear indicator for when you have started and finished a video. Vine tends to force more creativity from the user than Instagram, since all filming is done at once. Instagram could use more “in the moment” features like Vine.

If you couldn’t tell, I am more addicted to Instagram than Vine. However, they are both awesome in that they keep me updated on what my friends are doing while also showcasing creativity. Viva video!