Our Adventures at TACVB

Last week we flew to El Paso for the annual meeting of everyone that’s anyone in the Texas travel and tourism industry (the annual conference of the Texas Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus, or TACVB, for those in the know).

The trip was a blast. We represented one of our favorite clients, Georgetown, Texas, and also attempted to charm the rest of the Lone Star State into choosing Rhyme & Reason Design for their CVB needs. Plus, we just love any opportunity to get Delta Biscoff cookies — you know the ones.

From 6 a.m. “Adventure Fitness Challenge” wake-up calls to 11 p.m. hospitality suite bartending lessons, the week was jam-packed with business and pleasure. Our tradeshow booth was a hit and, most exciting of all, our responsive website work for Georgetown won several awards including Judge’s Choice: Best Overall!

While we’re glad to be back in the Peach State, we’re already looking forward to reconnecting with our new Texas friends next year. Here are a few things we learned while we were away:

  • People do open, read and remember direct mail and e-blasts.
  • Dry heat is still hot.
  • Complimentary, warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies are a fabulous way to insure brand loyalty.
  • Hospitality isn’t just for southerners.
  • Sometimes the most important client relationships you build are while you aren’t working. Be social, online and off. Koozie give-a-ways help.
  • Texans make some mean cornbread muffins.
  • Having a well designed, responsive website is an integral part of the travel and tourism industry.
  • Fireball whiskey and cream rum mixed together tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Seriously, try it.
  • Awesome client relationships can be built from afar.
  • Branding matters — for your brand and your client’s.
  • Bowling will always be fun.
  • If you’re ever in El Paso and looking for an authentic-as-you-can-get-and-not-be-in-Mexico Mexican restaurant, go to KiKi’s.