How to Successfully Launch a Campaign Using Social Media…

By this point, if you are a loyal follower or fan of Rhyme & Reason Design, you are well aware that we recently helped design and launch Alpha Sigma Alpha’s new brand campaign. Prior to the launch, we assisted the Alpha Sigma Alpha team in developing a month-long social media buzz plan that would culminate with the national debut of the brand on August 15, 2011.

The team began with the creation of a Facebook event on July 15, 2011, inviting Alpha Sigma Alpha fans, followers and friends to attend a new brand launch online and everywhere.  With the time, date and brief description in place, the excitement started pouring in. Facebook wasn’t the only place where the conversation started flowing, the ASA’s introduced #ASABrandFan on Twitter, creating a flurry of tweets. Email messaging was also incorporated to connect on a more personal level with alumnae and collegiate chapters, encouraging each to create their own special launch parties (red velvet cupcakes to be included!).

The women of Alpha Sigma Alpha were vigilant in keeping the buzz growing without oversaturating their social platforms. Teaser messages including video and photos were posted on the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Facebook Page and the @asaHQ Twitter Profile several times per week. Within 12 days of creating the Facebook event, 2,000 people accepted their invitation to attend the New Brand Launch – talk about a supportive group!

Two weeks till the launch is when the conversation really started to pick up on the different platforms. The #ASABrandFan was starting to build great traction and the response rate and impressions for Facebook posts were increasing. In fact, all the talk helped the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Facebook fan page eclipse 10,000 fans on August 11 and the @asaHQ saw their followers increase to 2,000 prior to the launch. By August 14, the sorority updates were generating 6,000 to 7,000 impressions per post.

The activity went into overdrive when the brand launched. Alpha Sigma Alpha took the day very seriously, following an hour-by-hour launch plan that included sending their mascot Dot the ladybug out with a #ASABrandFan sign to take pictures with the National Greek Fraternity and Sorority community in Indianapolis. All of the planning and effort that went into the launch certainly paid off: posts to the fan page received 338 likes and 66 comments, while the monthly active users were up to 9,997 users. The best part of all is that the user participation activity hasn’t plummeted since launching the brand. The monthly active user rate is up to 10,155 an increase of 50% and posts are still seeing impressions of 6,000 plus.

It’s obvious that social media can encourage a following and get people stoked about an upcoming event, but as you can tell, the activity and messaging doesn’t just happen over night. Below are our top 5 tips to creating a successful launch utilizing social media:

1)   Make a plan and write it down

2)   Prepare for the best AND the worst: create messaging ahead of time that way you aren’t letting anger, frustration or exhaustion talk for you

3)   Integrate across different media. Facebook is great, but don’t forget the power of a good email, a friendly blog or even a personal call

4)   Encourage conversation, don’t just tell people, engage them

5)   Dedicate yourself to the cause, if you aren’t excited or talking about it, neither will your followers.