How to Conquer the Copywriting Slump

How to Conquer the Copywriting Slump

Do you ever have all these ideas floating in your head that you can’t quite seem to get out on paper? Because, same. While we may all like to consider ourselves copywriting extraordinaires, sometimes we hit creative blocks, maybe more than we would like to admit. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years of staring at blank pages and word documents and lists of ideas, it’s that I don’t have to stay stuck. So, before you get frustrated, close the computer and walk away, try some of these tricks to get through your next copywriting slump.

Change Your Routine

And by change, I really mean develop a new one. I am a sucker for a good routine and once I get into the groove of a good one, I know that productive days are ahead of me.

If you’re having trouble writing, take a look at your routine. Does it include time to be creative and give you space to write? If not, then consider this the perfect opportunity to add some designated writing time to your week. It doesn’t need to be every single day. Maybe it’s Thursday afternoons spent at a coffee shop or Monday mornings after a weekend recharge. Find a system that’s helpful for you, follow it for a few weeks and wait for your copywriting skills to flourish!

Body Double

Body doubling is simply doing a task in the presence of another person. Sometimes working around another human is just what you need to get the creative juices flowing. We all know that having someone to bounce ideas off of is helpful from time to time. They might help you realize the direction you’re going in is a slam dunk, or let you know if you need to reshape your thoughts to produce better writing. Just because we deem ourselves creatives doesn’t mean we need to work by ourselves and be creative all on our own.

On the flip side, maybe you don’t need to bounce ideas off of anyone but just need to focus. In some instances, you may just work better having someone else working near you. For me, seeing someone else focus ultimately helps me put my head down and write to my heart’s content.

Get it on Paper

As humans, we often hold ourselves to a certain level of perfection. But guess what, the first words you write don’t have to be perfect. The first words you write can be decent, heck, they can even be bad, but just write something down. Someone really smart (one of our fearless, unicorn herd leaders, Scarlett, to be exact) gave me some of the best advice for my writing:

Release yourself from the expectation of writing something perfect the first time and just write something down. Something great will come, but we have to start by getting words on the paper first.

Releasing myself from the expectation I had of being a perfect writer has opened up a whole new world of writing copy for me. Instead of going in with the fear of writing something bad, I can go in excited for what’s to come when I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Walk Away

No really, get up and walk away. I’m not saying leave what you’ve started (or haven’t started) behind in the dust never to be picked up again. What I am saying is it’s okay to take a break and focus on something else. I’ve found that staring at your computer until the next great idea comes doesn’t tend to spark new ideas.

Maybe that spark comes from picking up a new project or physically walking away from your work space. Whatever that looks like for you, it’s okay to step away and come back with a refreshed mind. Hey, maybe your break even inspired new ideas.

Copywriting slumps can be disheartening and sometimes even downright frustrating. But that doesn’t mean you can’t break out of it! Take a breath, try these tips and get ready to jump back into your writing!