The Final Countdown…Alpha Sigma Alpha Brand Launch T-minus 7 days

Slightly more than a year ago, we won the opportunity to partner with Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority in their rebranding campaign. In one week from today, August 15, 2011 to be exact, those efforts will culminate with the unveiling of the new brand aesthetic. Since we’ve been sworn to secrecy (as in secret handshakes and all), we won’t be able to show or tell you about the look and feel of the brand for another seven days. However, we can share a few tidbits to satiate your interest.

First, with a rebranding there tends to be a bit of confusion as to what, if anything, remains the same and what gets tossed out the window (metaphorically speaking of course). For some organizations, they want to completely purge themselves of their past, while others (the majority) want to bring the heritage up-to-date in a modern way. Alpha Sigma Alpha is of the latter persuasion. In fact, upholding their history and proudly displaying their symbols was of great importance to the entire sisterhood. Therefore, come launch day, the many familiar images of Alpha Sigma Alpha will be shining through, including their mascot, Dot the Ladybug.

Next, rebranding can be as simple as creating a new logo or as complex as developing designs for every piece of organizational collateral. With Alpha Sigma Alpha’s rebranding, the goal was a full package, starting with a logo and wrapping with a new website. By developing a full suite of designs, Alpha Sigma Alpha is able to present themselves across the board as a unified and cohesive organization. Which means, everything from their business cards to their Facebook fan page, communicates the same message, shares the same color palette and displays the same graphic elements.

Lastly, the maintenance of an organization’s heritage and the design (no matter how stellar it is) are extremely important factors in launching a brand. But perhaps the most important aspect of a successful brand is the support it receives from its target market. That’s right, the fans, the followers, the subscribers, the viewers, the readers and of course every single sister can make or break the launch of a new brand for.  Which means August 15 is a big day, but every day after is even bigger. So show your love of sisterhood by sharing, posting, tweeting and reading about Alpha Sigma Alpha now and always.

Have we made you excited with anticipation yet?! I’m going to go ahead and assume that there was a resounding “yes!” to that question. Well since you are as pumped as we are to take part in this historic event, might I suggest a few ways to join the action? The hashtag #ASABrandFan is going to be heating up the Twitterverse on the 15th and what better way to show your support and keep the trending going then posting and tweeting about how you’re a #ASABrandFan. Another way to show your ASA pride is attend the virtual launch, which starts at 9am on the 15th.  Sign up here, to have a front row view of the unveiling and of course spend the day chatting with 2,327 of your closest sisters and Greek community.