Merry Marketing: Ideas for Your Holiday Plans

The air’s gotten cooler, apples are picked and hayrides taken – we’ve settled into fall and are preparing for the arrival of winter! For most of us, that means making shopping lists for turkey dinners and gifts to buy, but what is your business or organization doing to prepare for the holiday season?

A focused approach to capture your audience’s attention, or to garner new contacts, is more than just posting a “happy holidays” image on your Facebook page. Here are a few suggestions you can try!

Holiday Branding Ideas

  • Use this time of year to refresh your branding by changing it up a bit – take your logo, website, or social media cover photos and incorporate holiday icons or colors. No matter what type of business you’re in, this is the time of year when it’s okay to be a little light & fun!
  • Look for innovative ways to spread holiday cheer (just be considerate of your audience – not everyone celebrates Christmas or has a family to shop for). For example, show pictures from a holiday event or party, start a daily Instagram series like “things to eat before our New Year’s Resolutions kick in,” or ask your audience what is the best gift they’ve ever received.
  • It’s a time of year for reflection – do a recap of your organization’s successes and milestones from 2014.
  • Feel entitled. The holiday season is one of the few times when every professional has a good excuse to connect with contacts. It’s also the perfect time of year to humanize your brand, have fun and engage your audience.
  • People love to be appreciated! Thank your audience. Stand out in a world that has gone almost completely digital and send a card – most of us still appreciate an envelope in the mail. On this note, don’t buy store-bought cards! Designing your own card is an easy branding opportunity to show your unique style.
  • Know what people are looking at on-line – use key words in any posted content so it maximizes online searches. Have a tie-in to holiday recipes, events or ideas for parties? Use it.
  • Spread cheer in person too (but share it online.) Partner with other businesses, local charities and organizations to provide another avenue for engaging with new contacts during the holiday season – sponsor a volunteer project or participate in a holiday-themed event.

Plan Early

No matter what your plan is for holiday marketing, do it right away. Retailers seem to want us to get in the holiday mood, or just start spending, earlier and earlier each year. That’s fine, because it means that you don’t need to wait long to start your holiday branding. Everyone is ready for it now!