Home Making (2 words) in the Blogosphere

When we opened our virtual doors in 2008, one of our first
clients was Mary Fellows, the wonderfully charming owner of Little Merry
Fellows, an organic baby product company. Since designing her website http://www.littlemerryfellows.com/, we’ve kept in touch to give her kudos for a particularly heartfelt blog post or to add seasonal, holiday spirit to her website. So, it was no surprise when we
received a phone call from her at the end of May. I assumed she was calling to
add some summer-time whimsy to the Little Merry Fellows site, however her
request had nothing to do with organic baby products. Instead, with infectious
enthusiasm, she was calling to enlist our help in a new project.

The project, a blog aptly named “Home Maker – 2 Words,” is a
hub for sharing ideas, inspirations and stories about creating a home
environment wherever you are.

Headed up by Mary and her dear friend Nora, these women
aren’t just taking a flight of fancy; they really know their stuff and have the
resumes to prove it.

Mary has run the gamut on jobs from movie and music video
set designer (she worked with The Rolling Stones! How cool is that?!) to
organic baby product developer. And Nora, she honed her skills as a design
manager of furniture for Polo Ralph Lauren and then Executive Vice President of
Style and Advertising for Ethan Allen. To say these ladies know what they are
talking about is like saying Michael Angelo dabbled in the arts.

Although this summer marks their “maiden voyage” into the
blogosphere, I have no doubt that there will be many more trips ahead of them
as they tackle the ins and outs of Home Making. Take a peek this week to learn about homemade strawberry syrup and stay tuned for new posts this summer. Rumor has it, they’re headed to Iceland.

Visit the Home Maker Blog  http://homemaker2words.com/