Beauty meets Function

In the past year, we’ve learned a lot about a variety of industries, products and consumers. We’ve dabbled in the spectrum of colors for LED lights, put our noses into books for legal billing research, snuggled up to blankets for organic baby products and most recently, flexed our phalanges for finger splints.

Established by Cindy Garris in 1985, Silver Ring Splint Company was developed to reinvent the way finger splints look, feel and work. Dissatisfied with the bulky, plastic splint available, Cindy started her business with the simple idea that a sleeker, more attractive splint would offer a more holistic treatment: medically effective with a positive self-image. Silver Ring Splints are fashionable, long-lasting rings made out of sterling silver and gold. The rings are strong yet malleable, offering a snug fit that can be custom-embellished with gemstones and patterns.

Rhyme & Reason Design was hired to not only create an online identity, but also to develop the printed materials distributed to therapists and patients. The design objective for the project was to provide a look and feel that would showcase the successful marriage of beauty and function. Karen took the goal to heart by creating a cohesive campaign that is sleek, sophisticated and reminiscent of Tiffany & Co clean lines and glamour shots.

However, we didn’t stop with beauty. The site was laid out to ensure both customer groups would find helpful insight, educational tools and quick access to information. By integrating a content management system as well as a blog, Silver Ring Splint will be able to actively share new industry developments, splints and products.

If you are a patient, a therapist or just an interested consumer, take a moment to learn about Silver Ring Splints and how they have revolutionized splinting therapy.