South Tampa, Welcome Home!

When Erin was on a quest for a new apartment last fall, we had no idea at the time that her new lease would also lead to a new client for Rhyme & Reason Design. Between small talk and apartment viewings, Michael Palori and his father Vincent learned that R&R could help re-invigorate their brand and create a fresh and interactive website for their family-owned and operated property management and real estate company located in South Tampa.

Rhyme & Reason spent a great deal of time engaging the father and son team in multiple conversations about both the history of the company, as well as their goals for the future. It was apparent from the beginning that although a modern and professional look and feel was desired, the rich family roots needed to be preserved. This dichotomy of history and contemporary appeal were the driving factors in the overall design aesthetic that Karen created.

The new Palori logo mark was developed with a classic font and a clean color palette. However, the lifesaver icon that complements the navy and white color pairings is an ode to the previous logo, which showcased a milkmaid within a lifesaver. The two images were used to represent the original Palori family business of dairy farming. The milkmaid was removed to differentiate the residential and commercial real estate business from the dairy, while the lifesaver remained to represent the proximity many properties are to the bay, as well as the safety and security the company offers its residents.

The website design took the history and contemporary ideals and melded them together with the warmth of Florida accents. From the home page with its beauty shot of downtown Tampa to the neighborhood pages with story-like descriptions, the site is able to instill a feeling of home to anyone who visits. If you don’t believe me, stop by and see for yourself. Or better yet, set up a time to shake hands with the fifth generation of Palori’s.