A logo worthy of an “I Do”

With October just around the corner, we’ve wrapped up yet another wedding-filled summer. Having just celebrated my one-year anniversary, each ceremony and reception has been a fun reminder of my big day and also an opportunity to observe the choices made by my friends in their flowers, dresses and cakes. Would I change a thing about my own? Never! But, it’s a fun exercise nonetheless :)

Just last weekend, to wrap up the summer season, we ventured to Fripp Island for a wedding at the beach, celebrating our good friends Alex and Kara. In the spring, Kara had approach me about creating a fun, custom mark for her wedding that combined the bride and groom’s initials. Happy to help, we quickly crafted a logo mark that joined the letters in a way that was flowy and fun, befitting a South Carolina beach wedding. At the time she wasn’t QUITE sure where and when she would use the mark, but I packaged up the files for her and she went on her merry little, wedding-planning way.

Over the course of their engagement, I was continually surprised by the fun places the logo popped up. It made an appearance in their save the dates and then again in their engagement shoot. At the wedding, as I approached the bar I was pleasantly surprised to find it on the coasters (although I couldn’t bear to put my drink down on them!). And then I discovered the most delicious execution of all, she put it on cookies! City Girl Cupcakes did a fantastic job combining the logo into adorable, (and tasty!) beachy shortbread cookies, complete with sugar crystal sand and a complementary wave. Determined to snap a photo of our work in action, I grabbed a couple boxes on my way out the door, which seemed to disappear rather quickly after the shoot! Many cookies, and one sugar high later I just have to say, kudos to the bride and groom for getting creative. Graphic design mixed with baked goods is always a winning combination!