Love Pink, Hate Cancer

It’s a little more than a week into the month of October, and by now you have probably noticed that the color pink is showing up in some pretty unlikely places. Well, for those of you who don’t know, pink is the color chosen to represent breast cancer awareness and subsequently Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since its founding in 1985, as a partnership with the American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has grown to include a variety of local, national and international events. From the Susan G. Komen 3 Day “For the Cure” walk and Estee Lauder’s Global Illumination to Pink Days and the National Football League, the month of October is awash in shades of pink.

Having had cancer personally affect my family, I have always been a big proponent of cancer support, awareness and fundraising initiatives. However, now that Rhyme & Reason is working closely with Moffitt Cancer Center, I have even more of a reason to wear my pink proudly. In fact, two Monday’s ago, I had the opportunity to spend my evening with 300 men, women and children who either work for Moffitt Cancer Center or have been affected by breast cancer. While in Tampa for a design meeting with the Moffitt marketing team, they asked if I would like to attend the Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Indianapolis Colts, Monday Night Football game and pre-game tailgate to show my support for breast cancer. I immediately obliged and found myself clothed in a pink Buccaneers t-shirt surrounded by patients, survivors, families, doctors and friends. Although I was aware that it was a Monday Night Football televised event and that Moffitt Cancer Center had created a partnership with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I did not realize that our group would be one of many proudly displaying the color of the month. Players on the field caught footballs in pink gloves and ran plays in pink cleats, cheerleaders danced in pink uniforms and shook pink pompoms, stadium employees pinned pink ribbons to their lapels and fans from all over could be seen with a hint of pink. I have to say, I’ve never loved the color pink more.

The Monday Night Football game won’t be the last thing I do this month to show my support for breast cancer awareness. There are plenty of things to do, from simply buying a pink ribbon bagel at your local Panera to changing your Facebook profile picture pink to clocking miles for the “For a Cure” 3 day walk or donating time or money to your local cancer hospital. Keep in mind that even if pink isn’t your thing, creating awareness about cancer of any variety is something we should all be doing, no matter the month or the color.