Rheem, designs to grab your attention

Raise your hand if you have heard of the Rheem Manufacturing Company.

Okay, not that many of you.

Now raise your hand if you have hot water in your home.

Okay, good, all of you do.

Well guess what? That company you never heard of, Rheem Manufacturing, is the leading producer of efficient heating, cooling and water heating products, which essentially means that the majority of you can thank Rheem for that nice hot shower you took this morning.

During the past few months, we’ve become closely acquainted with our water heaters and the company that makes them. Through a partnership with Denmark {the agency}, we have spearheaded the production of several Rheem and Ruud (owned by Rheem) microsites and flash banners. Yes, I said flash, but before you gasp and walk away from this blog, hear me out. While Flash is not ideal for those of us surfing the web on any of our “i” products, it does still have a solid foothold in the online advertising world. Catchy, quick and quirky, these web banners excel at heating up the World Wide Web by setting themselves apart from static content.

Typically I wrap up our blogs with a link to view the designs, but as I am one of those people who utilize every “i” product on the market, I’ll make things easy for you. Just look below and you can see the static designs used for the banners. Now go kick-off your shoes and enjoy the AC, brought to you by Rheem!

Rheem Animation Screens