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The Power of Symbols in Graphic Design

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From cuneiform tablets to pictograms to hieroglyphs, signs and symbols have always evoked a certain meaning and a message. I’ve been tearing through Miranda Bruce-Mitford’s book The Illustrated Book of Signs & Symbols, and it’s been fascinating to learn how these signs and symbols have been used throughout time and how many still retain their original […]

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Community Impact Opportunities for 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Socks are fuzzier, lattes are pumpkin-ier and everyone is starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions. While you’re considering cleaning up your diet (love your body), committing to more reading time (love your mind) or just eating more chocolate (love yourself), 2018 will most certainly deliver […]

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The Power of Pantone

Did you know there is a rhyme and reason behind every color? The Pantone Matching System (PMS) was established to create consistent color reproduction across all users. Numbers and names are assigned to each color so manufacturers have the exact recipe to match the color rather than relying on the human eye. Unlike other color […]

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Trends in Greek Branding – The Logo Makeover

The best logos embody an organization’s history, purpose and future all at a single glance, meaning these little symbols do a lot of heavy lifting. And with the National Panhellenic Conference’s push for values-based recruitment, logos are becoming even more important during the engagement process. The 2015 policy change emphasizes building relationships and holding genuine […]

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Why Video May Have Killed the Radio Star…

Unless you’ve sworn off technology for the past few years (in which case, thanks for reintroducing yourself to the world by reading the R&R blog), you’ve likely heard that video content is essentially manna from heaven for brands and marketers. Beyond the obvious reasons — people don’t like to read anymore and human attention spans […]

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How to Write a Rock-Star Marketing RFP

It’s a new year and that means new projects and new budgets. So how do you plan on spending those fiscal dollars? A new marketing campaign? A responsive website? A brand-new brand? The fact is you probably have all those dollars spent well before the year even starts. It’s just a matter of finding the […]

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