Spring is here – time to polish up!

A new year always inspires me to declutter and refresh, especially with the approach of springtime. I clean out closets and cabinets, puzzle over how I acquired a basket full of mismatched socks, organize my office files and toss expired coupons. I love the fresh and simplified start of spring each year.

In the last few weeks, my family tackled a kitchen ‘refresh’ project by painting our kitchen cabinets and choosing a lighter shade of paint for our dining room. It wasn’t a huge undertaking, but I have been amazed at how the space has been transformed with a lighter and brighter color palette. An added bonus is that we keep our kitchen cleaner, cook at home more, and are focused on those details that make the space feel so special.

Think of Rhyme & Reason Design as a spring-cleaning company that will declutter and refresh your organization’s brand. It’s one of our core services. We can simplify your brand by consolidating your font family, nailing down a primary and secondary color palette and bringing order to your branding standards. If your logo mark is feeling a little tired, let us freshen it up! We’ll also include a brand standards guide to ensure your brand update is thoroughly ready for execution.

DSC_0072    DSC_0064

If you’re ready to tackle a major cleaning project, we are ready, willing and inspired to help rebrand your organization. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your current marketing efforts and provide recommendations on how to bring a cohesive look and feel to your brand in order to help you reach your goals. Take a look at the successful branding projects we tackled with our clients North Highland Worldwide Consulting and Jewel Branding & Licensing.

DSC_0066 DSC_0065

Whether the project is big or small, Rhyme & Reason Design can bring smart ideas and beautiful designs to your organization. I hope you are inspired to do some spring-cleaning!