Travel Ads Catching Our Eye

Whether you’re representing an entire nation or a small community just outside metropolis, when it comes to inspiring visitors to tour your destination, bigger isn’t always better. Many times all you need is a simple idea to reach out and touch people and your greatest asset can be your location itself. Through video and print, destinations can capture the emotion of what it feels like to discover their community for the first (or one hundredth) time. Here are just a few of the print and video campaigns, in no particular order we might add, that we think are sure to motivate the public to book a trip to their area.

1. Made In Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs, Arkansas capitalizes on it’s hometown manufacturing by being a creator of both products and experiences.

2. Visit Sandy Springs*

Merging together the quiet comfort of home with the excitement of city living.

7. Oregon – We like it here

A simple yet versatile idea that plays off of the unique experience Oregon has to offer.

4. Suitcases of Peru

Investing in just a few suitcases for some of its most frequent travelers, the country of Peru turned wait-time at the airport into a valuable marketing opportunity.

5. Tourism Toronto

Capitalizing on it’s diversity and openness, Toronto let’s the world know that all are welcome.

6. Blind Quebec

The province of Quebec brilliantly portrayed that discovering a place has nothing to do with what you see, but how you feel when you’re there.

8. Amazing Illinois

Simply put, Amazing Illinois allows to to discover parts of the state you had no idea existed.

*Indicates an R&R original