10 Greek Blog Topics to add to your Arsenal

As the headquarters of a national or international fraternity or sorority, you serve as the communication center for your entire organization. When chapters are struggling to find answers at the local level, they turn to you for support. A blog can act as an extension of your website and social media platforms and can be a powerful communication tool if used to its fullest extent. It’s an informal outlet to educate your members on what is happening inside and outside your organization.

Blog authors don’t need to be limited to your headquarters staff. Tap into your membership to help with blog management. Guest bloggers offer both fresh content and membership perspectives from all corners of the country (and even cross international borders for Canadian chapters).

Need a little inspiration to amp up your blog or start a new one? Below are a few fraternity- and sorority-specific blog topics you can add to your arsenal:

  1. Chapter officers

    • Officer transition
    • Officer elections
    • Succession planning
    • Chapter management tools
    • Volunteer position descriptions
    • Chapter officer position descriptions
    • Headquarters staff position descriptions
    • Job openings
  2. Blog bios

    • Staff
    • Executive board
    • National volunteers
    • Traveling consultants
  3. Recruitment

    • Recruitment successes
    • Chapter branding during recruitment
    • Staying on top of recruitment preparations through the summer
    • Weekly recruitment recaps during Formal Recruitment period
  4. Leadership training

    • IMPACT Programming
    • Officer transitions and succession planning
    • Leadership retreats and workshops
  5. Fraternity and Sorority community updates

  6. Events

  1. Extension/Expansion

    • About the extension/expansion process
    • Current extension opportunities
  2. Housing

    • Chapter house spotlights
    • Housing corporation information/updates
    • Renovations
  3. Vendor spotlights

  4. General tips

    • Career advice
    • Resume writing
    • Networking
    • Study tips for finals
    • Budgeting tips
    • Alternative spring break ideas
    • Brand standards guide
    • FAQs

Don’t have a blog? Here are several reasons why you should.

Happy blogging!