Trends in Greek Branding – The Logo Makeover

The best logos embody an organization’s history, purpose and future all at a single glance, meaning these little symbols do a lot of heavy lifting. And with the National Panhellenic Conference’s push for values-based recruitment, logos are becoming even more important during the engagement process. The 2015 policy change emphasizes building relationships and holding genuine conversations during recruitment — a no-frills approach that leaves little room for flashy attire and decorations.

Maybe it’s this recent change, maybe it’s the need to keep up with the joneses, or maybe it’s just that Greek organizations are constantly evolving, but multiple groups recently rolled out fresh faces. Here are the biggest trends we’ve spotted:

2016 Trends:

  1. Simplified Logos
  2. San-Serif Fonts
  3. Intentional Imagery
  4. Bold Images and Colors
  5. Refreshed Taglines
  6. Brand Announcement Videos

Let’s take a look at a few before and afters that exemplify these trends in the Greek world!

Kappa Delta


Kappa Delta Old Logo

Kappa Delta New Logo

The Deets

In February 2016, Kappa Delta went through a major brand overhaul. The rose nautilus in the new logo is a nod to their flower, the white rose, and one of their symbols, the nautilus shell. The tagline, “Building Confidence. Inspiring Action,” was unveiled at the same time but is not used in the sorority’s primary logo mark.

Kappa Delta also created a brand unveil video to show the progression of the new logo and the thought process behind the new brand identify.

Chi Omega


Chi Omega Old Logo

Chi Omega New Logo

The Deets

Chi Omega rolled out its new brand image, which includes a new logo, tagline and website, on June 24, 2016. The organization retired its 10-year-old tagline, “Flourish,” and replaced it with “Sisters on Purpose.” Although it is not included on the new logo mark, this tagline is a focal point of the refresh and is displayed prominently on the header of Chi Omega’s beautiful new website.

The sorority released a brand announcement video at convention and shared it on social media.

Delta Delta Delta


Tri Delta Old Logo


Tri Delta New Logo

The Deets

This summer Tri Delta unveiled its new logo at the sorority’s convention. The logo pulls in new colors and corresponds with the geometric pattern displayed on the group’s website. Similar to Chi Omega, Tri Delta’s tagline, “Perpetual Bond of Friendship,” is used on the website but not the new logo mark.

Sigma Kappa 


Sigma Kappa Old Logo


Sigma Kappa New Logo

The Deets

Sigma Kappa also had a busy and exciting summer with the release of its new logo and tagline. The previous tagline, “Voices Strong. Hearts United,” has been replaced with “Live with Heart.” Similar to other Greek groups, Sigma Kappa released a video announcing the new logo.


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