One Easy Way to Protect your Greek Brand

You’ve put countless hours of research and energy into creating and establishing the brand identity of your fraternity or sorority. Now that you have established the standards, how do you ensure proper logo usage both inside and outside your organization? Greek licensing protects your investment. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of vendors eager to tap into the Greek market and use your brand to sell their products. Just like any other business logo, Greek organizations have the right to control the use of their marks. The Greek Licensed Product program ensures your organization grants permission for products sold using your trademarks. These trademarks extend beyond the primary logo and can include mascots, symbols, crests, nicknames, badges/pins, etc.

How does it work?

Affinity Consultants are your partners in protection! They oversee the use of trademarks for fraternities and sororities across the country. To become an official licensed vendor, a business must submit an online application requesting a license to sell fraternity- and sorority-branded products.  Affinity Consultants reviews for proper logo usage, color selections and inappropriate materials that may promote alcohol, hazing, racism, sexism, etc. This licensing process safeguards the brand ensuring products follow the values and mission of the organization.

While there isn’t a legal requirement for fraternities or sororities to purchase only licensed products, many Greek organizations set policies preventing chapters and members from purchasing from non-licensed vendors. So if you are a business owner and want to sell to fraternities and sororities, getting licensed is your best bet. It takes three easy steps.

How do you know if a product is licensed?

Search for the seal! The license agreement requires products to be labeled and marketed with the official “Greek Licensed Product” seal to ensure customers know the product has been reviewed and approved by your national/international organization.


Educate Your Members

A key component to Greek licensing is educating members on the importance of purchasing from Greek Licensed Product vendors. Collegiate officers transition on an annual basis, so the leadership within the organization is constantly changing. Use a quarterly or biannual blog or social media post to remind members about the importance of Greek licensing. Schedule these reminders during prime-planning times:

  • Formal recruitment (Fall and Spring)
  • New member gifts
  • Holiday shopping

This is a quick and simple way to reiterate the importance of protecting your brand and ensuring branded products meet the standards of your fraternity or sorority.

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