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Celebrate Along The Way

R&R Confetti Packets. Multi-color confetti and glitter exploding from two branded R&R packets.

Who Doesn’t Love a Theme? Every quarter, prior to our quarterly meeting, Karen and I pick a theme that we, as a team, can focus our goals around. We work to select something that everyone, regardless of role or experience, can champion and relate to. Over the years, we’ve had some that were aspirational and […]

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Make Time for Life

Rhyme & Reason Design opened its virtual doors way back in 2008. Hustle culture was big, entrepreneurship was just becoming a college major, the iPhone was in its infancy and Facebook was cool. In other words, times were different. Fast forward to today. COVID is a common term in our vocabulary, TikTok has taught us […]

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Take a tour of a (Sorority’s) National HeadQuarters – your business will thank you

In a recent blog, I discussed Alpha Delta Pi’s Foundation and even went into some of the history of a Greek organization’s Foundation. Since publishing that blog, it’s been brought to my attention that so many of our Greek and non-Greek members don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of the Greek community. Well, […]

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What Makes a Fan Page Successful?

Customizing a Fan Page can set you and your company, or product apart in the realm of social media. But how do you get customers involved with your product and Fan Page without putting too many bells and whistles on your custom Fan Page? After spending too many hours on Facebook, creating my own Fan […]

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Fashion Revolutionizing Facebook

When you spend as much time as I do in jeans and t-shirts (please remember I work from a home office or a coffee shop, neither require heels), you begin to appreciate the efforts that others put into dressing well.  In fact, if I am out and about, I notice that I focus on the […]

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Cartoon Sketches, Nerds and a Checklist

You’ve probably heard us talk about the Big Nerd Ranch once or twice, but we can’t help it, they’re our favorite nerds! Plus, they give us an opportunity to stretch our creative muscles in all sorts of different directions. Our latest project involved a pen and paper and some tongue-in-cheek copy. So here’s the background, […]

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