Frankly, Scarlett…


No matter which salutation you prefer, I’m quite pleased to meet you. I’m Scarlett, and I am one of the co-founders of Rhyme & Reason Design. It’s hard to think about what I was doing before R&R, but one thing’s for sure: It definitely involved advertising and a touch of copy writing. I graduated from the University of Florida with both a bachelor’s degree and master’s in advertising. My first real job out of school was at a small agency just outside of Atlanta, where I met my awesome partner in co-founding crime, Karen. Since then, I’ve been reading, writing and working in advertising and design. To say I love what I do is probably an understatement because, really, I’m the luckiest person in the world to be able to work in a company I believe in, with a team that’s nothing short of incredible and clients who become family.


  1. I’ve been riding horses since I was 8 years old and plan to ride them at least till I’m 80.
  2. In college, I started writing a chick-lit book … it remains a (never-ending) work in progress.
  3. My dad and I talk every Saturday during college football season to discuss the odds of a Gator win — I’ve been bleeding orange and blue since birth.
  4. Up until our 20s, many people thought my brother and I were twins (he just wishes he were this cool).
  5. My mom is a huge part of why I am so driven.
  6. I don’t listen to music when I run — classic books and podcasts only (and, every once in a while, good conversationalists).
  7. My master’s is in international advertising because I thought it meant I’d be able to travel the world. Besides, who wouldn’t want to spend an extra year in college (did I mention, Go Gators)?
  8. I have a bad case of the travel bug and don’t plan to cure it.
  9. My original career goal was to become an equine veterinarian; unfortunately I become queasy at the sight of both math and shots.
  10. I’ve been known to plan my meals around dessert, especially baked Alaskas.