The Making of a Magical Day

2016 was our inaugural celebration of National Have Fun at Work Day. We had SO much fun that we decided to make it an annual affair. Hence, our day-of-fun checklist! Have Fun at Work Day is the result of several amusing days of planning. Here’s a sneak peak at all of the days of fun that led to one really magical day.

December 6 |  Brainstorm all the fun things

We created a MacBook-circle and put our heads together to come up with a long list of fun activities. We narrowed the list to create the National Have Fun at Work Day Checklist.

January 5 |  Shopping

In addition to the checklist, we sent a little extra treat to our clients and vendors.  We understand that not everyone has a spare stash of confetti cannons and silly straws, and we didn’t want a lack of accoutrements to be an excuse for not participating. We compiled a craft list and set our intern Hillery off to do a little shopping.  Hillery is a go-getter and went the extra mile by Facebook Live-ing the experience. We watched her comb the Target aisles talking to herself about Post-it Notes. Onlookers were unaware she was on a serious work mission.

January 16-20 |  Assembly

Checklists are printed. Unicorn-inspired address labels created. Paper Source envelopes purchased. Confetti bombs crafted. We’re ready! Confetti will be covering our floor for weeks to come, but it’s totally worth it!

January 27 |  National Have Fun at Work Day!

To fuel our day of fun, we needed a little Batdorf & Bronson coffee to get our creative juices flowing. Once the caffeine kicked in, we got to work on unicorn memes and emoji crafting. The newest magnificent human, Charlotte McKenzie, made a brief appearance to take in some of the high jinks and pose with an emoji mask. After lunch we took a stroll over to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory for a round of salted caramel, Oreo and chocolate, followed by a friendly office prank surprising Heather with a confetti cannon. We channeled our inner Rainbow Dash and Jane Fonda for a mid-afternoon exercise break before capturing our rendition of #saltbae. Our freestyle rap was completed as we walked next door to visit our neighbors at La Fonda to celebrate the end of an awesome day. We’d say it was a success: You know you’re having fun when it doesn’t feel like work.


SHOUT OUT to all of our clients and friends that shared their FUN with us! Here are just a few of our favorites:


Our challenge to you – Find time EVERY DAY for a little fun. You work hard. You deserve it. #TreatYoSelf #MakeTimeForFun

What was your favorite #HaveFunAtWorkDay activity? Comment below >