The 12 Days of Rhyme & Reason

We’ve shared a recap of our year and the significance of My Little Pony, but one of the most important things we’ve talked about lately are our core values. As we savor the remaining 12 days of the holiday season, here are a few things to try, inspired by Rhyme & Reason!

Day 1 – Innovate (12/22/14)

Most of us know the song but probably don’t know that historically, the “Twelve Days of Christmas” actually began on Christmas day and celebrations ran the twelve days following, well into January. But hey, we’re modern and American, so we’ll stick with what we know. Related to the song, though, something interesting to consider.

Day 2 – Design (12/23/14)

Get those creative juices flowing! Bake, make or decorate – there are numerous ways to show your creative side and design something all your own. Extra points if you do it with kids. That’s all we’ll say about that because, you know, Pinterest exists.

Day 3 – The Reason (12/24/14)

It’s Christmas Eve and the last night of Hanukkah! In the midst of tearing open presents and downing the last of the eggnog, contemplate the reasons you get together with friends and family (even if you don’t celebrate either holiday.) Is it important to your family to uphold traditions or do you try something new each year?

Day 4 – The Rhyme (12/25/14)

Merry Christmas! Find some way to put music in the air today – sing carols, create a fun Christmas playlist or maybe even let your parents put on a CD of Frank Sinatra. Anything goes! Embrace it – what other day has so many songs dedicated just to it?

Day 5 – Find the Silver Lining (12/26/14)

Dreading the travel back home? It can be a stretch but there are ways to find the positive even with highway traffic or busy airports. A few suggestions: listen to audio books or podcasts, scroll through the photos you’ve taken over the last week, watch movies or set the kids up with video games for some likely needed quiet time. Silver lining: appreciation for technology! The best I got on a car trip growing up was a coloring book.

Day 6 – It’s in the Name (12/27/14)

After decking the halls for days did you jump into shopping the newest of sales? Cue the exhaustion. It’s time for a little “R&R” before NYE festivities begin!

Day 7 – Reflection (12/28/14)

Ever hear the saying, “the days are long, but the years are short”? Before we know it, we’ll be wondering where 2015 went. Take some time for yourself to reflect on this holiday season and maybe even write down the details so you can look back on it next year.

Day 8 – Become part of the family (12/29/14)

December’s not done yet. Don’t let it go by without watching this quintessential family in all their holiday glory.

Day 9 – Share your wit & wisdom (12/30/14)

Take a few minutes and learn about New Year’s Eve traditions around the world and then try a few. Does a full glass of wine count as 12 grapes?

Day 10 – Time for Fun (12/31/14)

Put on your sequins and get your noisemakers in hand (even if you’re staying home.)

Day 11 – Celebrate (1/1/15)

Hello 2015 – we love new beginnings!

Day 12 – Bonus day* – it’s Friday! (1/2/15)

*Hopefully, your office is still closed. Take this last day to stay in holiday mode before putting away the decorations or hitting the gym. Besides, we all need some rest before tackling those big goals for 2015 come Monday!