Battle Royale: “&” vs “E”

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  Given recent controversy and confusion over the use of the ampersand (the &) in our company logo, we welcome you to the 2009 Heavy-Weight Championship! Allow me to introduce this year’s opponents.

In the left corner, we have the reigning champion and all-around creative “&” looking to capture the title for another year and in the right corner we have the hardworking and regimented “E” looking to overthrow the current diction.

This battle royale has been heavily anticipated, with both fighters having an extremely vocal following, it has been hard to avoid the increased word-of-mouth.

From the beginning, “&” has been favored by designers, creative directors and agency supporters alike.  However, he has recently experienced a plunge in the polls due to skeptics, many of whom question his ability to stand for both an “e” and an “&” in the same phrase.  Unfortunately, this concern has not only been voiced by the opposition but, also supporters, who initially are not aware that he has the ability to fight in multiple positions and suggest that “E” is the stronger option.

Well, it looks like both fighters are ready; “&” with his constant energy and extreme agility is jumping around, while the ever-staunch “E” stands at attention awaiting the bell.


“&” dashes out right and then left, while “E” strides to the center. It looks to me like this could be a long evening with both fighters staying true to their abilities.

Crowd participation is going to be the difference between winning and losing in this championship, so I suggest if you are a strong “&” or “E” supporter, that you make your voice heard below.