Give a warm welcome, to Courtney our new Art Director!

Courtney came to us as a recommendation from our dear friend Sarah Howell. Sarah is hands-down the best production manager in the biz (we may be biased), which means she knows a thing or two about designers and print vendors, two very important components of any design firm. In terms of print vendors, she has never led us astray, two my favorites came directly from Sarah. So when Karen and I were discussing the potential of bringing on a designer to help with the workload, we knew who to ask for suggestions.

We won’t lie, Sarah’s glowing recommendation was one thing, but what really had us at hello was the diecut business card she created for her personal brand. It was fun, clever and designed with an acute attention to detail – we may have ooo’d and ahhh’d over it a little bit. I could ramble on for paragraphs about how grateful we are to have Courtney join us. Or tell you how she fits right in with her blonde hair, but that’s not going to really give you a glimpse of our newest team member. So instead I’m going to hand over the keyboard and let her fill you in on ten things to know about her.

  1. I enjoy hiking, diving and shooting guns (targets, not animals).
  2. You’ll be greeted by my yuck face if you try to make me eat mushrooms, apples or oysters.
  3. CH <3’s JTT, in the fourth grade I was planning to become Mrs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
  4.  I have a minor addiction to fast food and colas hailing from Atlanta – namely Coke Zero and Chic-fil-A’s magic sauce.
  5. If you ever catch me with my headphones on while I’m working, I’m likely listening to one of the three Transformer movie scores by Steve Jablonsky.
  6. Vacuuming is my favorite chore, but no I will not come over to help clean your house.
  7. Beer me, I’ll try any beer and probably like it.
  8. I’m a lefty.
  9. Nothing scares me. I have two younger brothers and hail from California.
  10. Like Karen and Scarlett, I’m a huge SEC fan, however when our teams play each other the last weekend of October, we may not talk.