Holy cow, we have a new site!

Can you tell we’re excited? It’s been a long time coming and we’re thrilled that you stopped by. We’ve ditched the Flash and replaced it with a beautiful, responsive WordPress website that brightly features our work, introduces our team, shares a bit about our culture and provides targeted information to some of our favorite groups (Hi Greeks!). Here are just a couple things that are new and improved:

Work Archive

Sort by category and see what we’ve been busy designing. View >

Work Gallery

Better information and visuals

More of what you want…the pretty stuff. Our designs are finally getting the screen space they deserve. View >

Work Detail

Clear service offerings

We’re offering new services, including user interface design, video animation and responsive website development. Plus all the beautiful designs we typically offer! View >


Information just for Greeks!

Yep, we know your needs are different. We offer numerous services unique to the Greek community. View >

Greek Services

Actual bios, novel idea!

We have a number of wonderful remote clients…now you know what we look like, with lots of makeup. :) View >


Fun culture snapshots

Fun times in the office, on the road and celebrating with clients. View >


Easy touchpoints for contacting us

Getting in touch has never been easier. View >


One-step sign up for R&R Happenings

Don’t forget to sign up for our quarterly enewsletter. We promise, there’s good stuff in there. View >


Big thanks to…

  • Our wonderful staff for designing, developing and editing their little hearts out.
  • Gregg Willett Photography for our beautiful pictures. Check them out; they’re awesome.
  • Our clients for allowing us to stretch our creativity into beautiful designs for the past five years.
  • You. For leaving a loving comment below…Pretty please!