Howdy, Texas! We chartered new horizons at #TACVB2014

It may be known as the Lone Star state, but when we visit Texas we never feel alone. This past week Courtney and I had a chance to mix, mingle and celebrate new friends and old friends at the Texas Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus’ (TACVB) Annual Conference. This was our second time attending the conference, so we knew what to expect – incredible hospitality, city excursions, hardworking days and good-time nights. In other words, the perfect work week.

Three Days of TACVB Fun

With our red shades on, we rolled into the Bay Area Houston on Tuesday just in time for a welcome party complete with a steel band, a sea breeze and lots of conversation. The laid back island vibe accompanied us through the week, even when our days started before the sun.

Speaking of early days, Wednesday saw a full day of sessions for the attendees and some serious multitasking for us exhibitors. We’ve become quite skilled in the art of maximizing downtime. We (night)capped off the day at Sam’s Boat, which — despite its name — is not a boat. Someone should tell Sam about false advertising.

Thursday started off with a glorious morning run and a picture-perfect sunrise over the bay (or as the locals call it, the lake). The afternoon flew by and before we knew it the closing reception was upon us. One of the best parts about CVB conferences is that the host city really puts the culture of the community on display for evening events. The Bay Area Houston CVB team did not disappoint with their fun-filled evening at Kemah Boardwalk. The coastal play area is home to restaurants that serve up the freshest seafood dishes and carnival rides that make you squeal with childlike enthusiasm.

All-State, Award-Winning Clients

Thanks to AJR Media we had the opportunity to enjoy both, but not before our friends (and clients) at Cedar Park, Texas, and Georgetown, Texas, received awards for their idea boards. The idea boards allow cities around Texas to show off their marketing efforts in a variety of categories, from Traditional Advertising to Website design. The contest ends with a tally of votes and the awarding of bragging rights to the winners in each category. Georgetown took home the honors for their mobile app. Cedar Park swept the competition, winning not only the individual categories for Advertising, Website and Tourism Promotion but People’s Choice for Tourism Promotion and Judges’ Choice for Advertising (Print and Digital). I’d say our design work won the heart of Texas.

Jumping with joy and buzzing with excitement for our clients, we were ready to ride off into the sunset on our carousel horses. Or take our enthusiasm to extreme heights on a wooden rollercoaster – the things we do for our clients :)

‘Til next time Texas, thanks for the memories!