If you can’t fight it, Flaunt it

T-shirts are great for promoting your brand, dispensing your message and generating word-of-mouth. Not to mention, few people say no to a free t-shirt. When choosing to make your message into a walking billboard, it’s important to put your best foot forward.

T-shirts are meant to be fun, eye-catching and buzz-worthy so make the most out of your traveling promotional material by adding the best part of your brand’s personality. We decided to make the most out of our messaging and save on stocking stuffers by creating R&R Design t-shirts. Since encouraging our friends and family to “Flaunt it” I can now say that the Rhyme & Reason Design brand has waited for the metro at Foggy Bottom, ran hills in Raleigh, hosted a dinner party in Atlanta and….

Flaunting it in Atlanta

Show us where else we’ve been “flaunted”