A Fresh Coat of Paint

This past year has been an incredible learning experience for not just the three of us, but all of our friends and family members who have had the opportunity to enjoy our adventures in small business ownership first hand. We learned that owning a business looks a lot easier on the silver screen than it does in real life. We learned about doing business in coffee shops, celebrated clients and launches, touched on the benefits of networking, developed an expertise in the world of social media, made some mistakes and managed to grow up in the process.

When you start a business, you start with what makes you tick and sometimes forget about the world outside. Over the last 365 days that group of friends and family, who watched us evolve, have also made sure to keep us in tune with the rest of the world. In so doing, we were politely informed that pastel colors are in fact not a color palette that appeals to the masculine set, experience and education are factors that should be mentioned right away and creating a strong foundation is essential to a bright future. It was these suggestions (and a few others) that had us venturing back to the drawing board for a new coat of paint and additional copy.

Take a look around our website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account and of course our blog to see what additions we’ve made thanks to the suggestions of our biggest fans. Keep in mind that we didn’t want to change who we are, we just wanted to make who we are a little better. If you love what you see let us know and if you don’t, tell us what you would have done differently.