Let’s make it a double shot…

While Scarlett has been in search of the perfect coffee shop to call home, I’ve taken a different approach. I’m still playing the field, testing the freshly-brewed waters if you will. I’m comparing the number of outlets, the caffeine content of a medium iced coffee and wifi signal strength. Some might say that I just haven’t found THE ONE, I think I enjoy the change of scenery. My order of choice varies from non-fat lattes to iced coffee to the occasional green tea. While others embrace the structure of routine and regularity, I’m trying to fake out the barista…keep her on her toes.

Now, this hopping from shop to shop has had its bumps in the road. I admit, I’ve ordered a “tall” instead of a “small” (independent coffee shops do NOT appreciate Starbucks lingo) and sheepishly plugged my charger into outlets that don’t work but all in all, I’ve begun to learn the lay of the land. Coffee shops are not only a hub for the office-less and caffeine addicted, but a place of meeting and greeting. And when you’re there for 5 hours straight, boy do you see meeting and greeting. In a lot of ways it’s a beautiful witness to the interaction of friends, family and complete strangers. I’ve overheard awkward first dates, business transactions and sibling family analyses. I’ve heard conversations in Spanish, French and a variety of other languages I can’t even begin to identify. The coffee shop has become a cultural barometer of its location and it’s a beautiful thing to soak in, latte in hand.

But back to business, while a little less bold than Scarlett, the colorful designs that populate my screen are often enough to do the talking. I’ve still managed to pick up a steady stream of leads and my variety in locale has allowed a broader exposure to folks all over Atlanta, and much of the east coast. One day, I admit, I might become territorial; waking early to snag my favorite corner chair or eyeing down fellow patrons over an outlet but for now, I’m content to be the wildcard in the corner holding my a. white chocolate mocha, b. iced chai latte, c. white orchard green tea, or d. hot chocolate.