Meet Our New Intern Gina!

You know that feeling you had as a kid the night before the first day of school? That anxious, excited feeling about seeing old friends and making new ones? That’s the feeling I had the night before my first day as an intern at R&R (I even laid out my first-day outfit).

I doubt most kids wonder about the homework their teacher will give them or how much they can learn during the school year, but those are the main reasons I was overcome with that nostalgic feeling of “the first day.” I just want to learn and learn and learn.

I want to be the biscuit to the Rhyme & Reason gravy. Think of me as the pancake and R&R as the syrup. I’m cornbread, they’re chili. What I’m trying to say is I want to soak in all the goodness R&R has to offer, which is plenty.

A few fun facts about me:

  • Born and raised in Pensacola, Fla.
  • I moved to Atlanta to attend The Creative Circus
  • My favorite word is glamorous. I love its meaning, spelling and look when written in cursive.
  • I’ve got a weekend gig as a barista
  • My arms and legs are double-jointed