Raise a Glass to Travel & Tourism!

It’s National Travel and Tourism Week! Not sure what that is? We’re here to fill you in.

The U.S. Travel Association designates this week in celebration and recognition of these two important activities. Although it’s mainly geared toward the travel and tourism industry, everyone can agree that travel is important for economic prosperity and enriching our personal lives. It deserves some recognition!

2015’s theme is: “Travel is___________.” It’s fitting — travel means something different to families, individuals, professionals and those who work for travel-related organizations (like us). *See how we filled in the blank above.

The scope, impact and reason for travel means something different to everyone. Considering the economic facts, the travel industry touches many governments both locally and nationally.

Whether you pack up the car with plastic beach toys and head to the nearest coast, seek out the the best restaurants in town for client dinners or take a solitary trek through a national park, we can all agree travel in any form is good for all.

In recognition of Travel and Tourism Week, take a nod from the industry and think about what travel means to you, your family or your business. Now use that inspiration to start planning your next trip!