Retreat To The Great Outdoors!

A few weekends ago, the R&R team unplugged our laptops, used our cellphones for Kodak moments only and headed off into the mountains of Highlands, North Carolina, for some good ol’ fashioned bonding time. Although we weren’t gone for that long, we managed to accomplish a lot in terms of team spirit.

Taking it all in

Day 1 – Roadtrips should always end with s’mores

We left early on Friday morning and caravanned two hours to the mountains. By the time we arrived, we’d learned that half our crew gets motion sick, the other half wants to travel the world and that the fall leaves in North Carolina give Georgia a run for its money. With groceries purchased and cars unloaded, we hit the trails for some adventuring.

After we hiked up Whiteside Mountain, taking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, we headed to watch the sunset from another peaceful enclave. Thanks to Mother Nature, though, we were treated to a clear view of the fog rolling in. With our time on the trails winding down, it was back to the house for some home-cooked chili, s’mores and toasting to jobs well done.

Karen On Top of The World

Day 2 – Coffee, yoga and a side of personality (tests)

The next morning, we were up and at ’em bright and early for some yoga and in-town exploration. Followed, of course, by a healthy dose of brunch and coffee. Then it was on the road again for the ride back to Atlanta.

It may sound like all we did was indulge our senses for 36 hours, but between the hit of Cuban coffee courtesy of Natalie and the drive to Atlanta, we hunkered down to discuss 2016 marketing plans and dive a little deeper into the six very unique personalities that make up Rhyme & Reason Design. Thanks to Tom Rath and his StrengthsFinder personality survey, we uncovered what makes each one of us tick, where we excel and even why we do the things we do. Turns out, it explains a lot.

This we have learned

Sure, we breathed in plenty of fresh mountain air and spent quality time roasting marshmallows, in actuality, the entire experience was an exercise in learning. Learning more about each other, sharing personal stories and discovering little details you sometimes fail to notice even when you sit next to someone every day.
The R&R Team

For us, this retreat was an awesome reminder that, whether we are staring at our Thunderbolt monitors or gazing out over a tree-topped valley, we’ve cultivated a culture that is flourishing with a team that lives and breathes our values beyond the 9 to 5.