Say Hey to Shea!

Why hello!

I’m Shea, the lucky gal who just got roped in by the wonder women of Rhyme & Reason. I’ll be animating, illustrating and designing with this lovely crew.

I’ve been working in the creative industry for roughly four years. Half of that was spent at a graphic design firm, the other half as a freelancer. In fact, I started my relationship with Rhyme & Reason as a contract illustrator and animator, and they were a dream client: positive, respectful, trusting … and then toss in a bucketful of whimsy and glitter.

I basically needed more of them in my life, and I can’t wait to start creating with all of them as an official member of the team!

Fun Facts:

  • I know the words to just about every Disney song and will harmonize with them all (mildly obsessed here).
  • I adore vintage fashion and costumes for film. I’ll watch any movie — no matter how terrible — if it has beautiful costumes.
  • I’m still waiting on my Hogwarts acceptance letter.
  • Yes, please, to all the cheese … I can eat a block of brie in one sitting …
  • Hand-lettering every birthday card envelope since ’94.
  • I draw fashion illustrations and send them all over the world.
  • My favorite color is ginkgo gold.