Shine on, Sunshine State

When you grow up in Florida, you learn quickly that shoes are optional, bathing suits are wardrobe staples and a white winter is completely out of the question. In fact, if you were to ask more than half of our staff members, a few of our clients and a variety of our biggest fans, you’d discover that growing up near the house of the mouse or a stone’s throw from the world’s most famous beach is much akin to summer camp.

However, even in Florida, summer camp doesn’t last year round and reality at some point checks in. Unfortunately, in the last month, reality didn’t simply drop a note, it slammed right into our family home in the form of Hurricane Irma. While our friends in Texas were rising from their bootstraps, we helplessly watched our beloved Sunshine State go dark.

Yet, even without power and between raindrops, the warm rays of Florida shined on.  Reminding everyone that the sun will come out tomorrow and that together we can brighten cloudy days.

So join us in supporting Florida (or Texas) by donating to one of our favorite organizations and help bring a little sunshine and a great big hug to those affected by a devastating hurricane season.

How You Can Help

Simply visit The Red Cross and make a $5 donation, then send us a note at That’s right, honor system! Once we receive your email, we’ll send you your very own downloadable ‘I’ve got sun SHINE ON a cloudy day’ PDF.

Bonus, Rhyme & Reason will match up to $500 dollars of all donations.