Smitten With Our Space

There’s nothing like a fresh start. We’ve recently welcomed a few new and exciting things over here at R&R and can already tell more greatness is just around the corner. There’s something about that domino effect.

What’s one of our latest and greatest? A new office!

Since lugging boxes down three flights of stairs from our previous locale, unpacking, organizing and pretty-fying the walls, we’re proud to have all pitched in to make our new office a place where we feel inspired. Our office building isn’t of the traditional sort — it’s a restored older home in the heart of one of Atlanta’s great neighborhoods. We’re serious about taking our core values into account for all that we do, and that not only includes the work we create for our clients but the environment we create for ourselves as well.


Some of our exciting upgrades:

A full-size fridge for optimal yogurt storage (there are six of us, all female … you get the point), ground floor windows allow us to spy on our neighbors more easily and overall increased space for impromptu dance parties.

Party time, excellent!

We love it so much, we even decided to throw a party! We welcomed our local clients along with family and friends to share in our excitement.


Furthermore, we got to show off our new digs with a fun photo shoot that gave us some amazing images for another fresh start for our team — a new website.

Home is where the designs are

When it’s called for, we could work out of a coffee shop or someone’s kitchen table (which was the case during this summer’s AC incident) but prefer to have a place that’s familiar, welcoming and where we know we’ve made our “work home.” Because that’s what happens with a tight-knit group like ours, the office does come to feel like home, and we’re quite happy with our new one.