Yes, This is a Blog About Being Thankful…

Sure it’s probably a bit cliché to write a blog about being thankful around Thanksgiving, but we’re going to do it anyways. You know why: because we have way too much to be thankful for, and if not now, then when? Sure we can post about being thankful in six months (which isn’t a bad idea) or perhaps every quarter (also not a bad idea), but I think we should start by showing our appreciation now and continue to show it later.

Without further adieu, let me count the ways that we are thankful:

Our team:

There’s definitely no “I” in this team, but there are a whole lot of “we’s,” and to be honest, WE wouldn’t be here without them. From our rock star design team and code developing geniuses to our new business wizard and our project managing, copy writing wunderkinds, we’ve cultivated an organization of hardworking, passionate and creative team players. This talented group puts the awesome in all we do, and for that we couldn’t be more thankful.

Our clients:

If we could give a personal shout out to each and every one of our amazing clients, we would, but our guess is no one would finish reading this blog because the list is so long. Therefore, we’ll keep it short, sweet and from the heart: To all of our clients, you are the reason we love what we do, and we are so grateful to be (or have been) a part of your brand’s life.

Our office:

Yes, we are thankful for the actual space where we work and not just because it’s where we spend most of our waking hours. This office, our fourth in five years, is a reflection of our growth. It’s a physical representation of how dedication, a few risks and a whole lot of heart can turn into something wonderful. Plus, it’s filled with our favorite Apple gadgets, lots of sparkly personality and some pretty awesome people.

Our culture:

A huge reason that we have such an incredible team, a fabulous client base and a great office is thanks in large part to our culture. Built on our values of creativity, fun, optimism, relationships, collaboration and integrity we’ve established an internal and external experience that is warm, inviting and happy. My Little Ponies and other touches of whimsy might not be for everyone, but they are for us, and we’re proud to embrace all that puts the rhyme and the reason into our business.

Our families:

Sure, it goes without saying, but now’s the perfect time to tell our families just how thankful we are for their love, support and commitment to reading and commenting on all of our posts. You all really are our biggest cheerleaders, and it means the world to us. From startup days filled with long nights to moving muscles and celebratory cheers, you’ve not once backed down, stopped encouraging or given up on us no matter what we’ve needed — how’d we get so lucky to call you family?!?

Our friends:

Let’s start by saying thanks for still answering our texts, sending us Snapchats and wearing our T-shirts proudly. We couldn’t think of better people to be a part of our #squad. Is there really anything more to say?

Our hobbies:

Our sneakers, our yoga mats, our bikes, our horses, our needles and thread, our KitchenAid mixers — we have some hobbies around here. All of these things, animate or inanimate, come together to clear our heads, remind us to breathe and re-energize us so we can be our best selves and the best team ever.