So guys…I may or may not have used my business card to get a date…

This past Thursday, having just received my super fancy Rhyme & Reason Design business cards in the mail, I felt compelled to try my hand at networking.  It all started innocently enough, me dressed in my classiest non-suit business attire attending my first chic museum gathering in hopes of finding a potential client for Rhyme & Reason Design.  Unfortunately, no one told me that networking at a museum shmoozefest would require me to actually be hip enough to hang with the art-house kids, I don’t even think my trendy glasses could have helped usher me into some of the cliques.

Since I was there alone (note to self, cool factor drops dramatically when you wander exhibits as a party of one), I was forced to engross myself in every piece of art hanging or displayed, no matter if I thought it was actually interesting or not, just to avoid awkwardly standing solo in a corner.  During what was probably my third tour of the same exhibit, I noticed an extremely good-looking stranger animatedly talking to a friend and immediately realized I would have to change my walking pattern in order to a) not look completely ridiculous for walking in circles and b) to figure out how to convince anybody to talk to me so I would appear less lame.  Luckily, option b was filled rather quickly, when a friend of my parent’s who recognized me from the many pictures and descriptions that my mother doles out like candy, came over to talk to me.  He immediately realized that the deer-in-headlights approach I had taken to networking would do me no good and took it upon himself to introduce me to several of his acquaintances.  By the time he finished pimping out my business cards, it was the end of the evening and I still had my eye out for the blazer-clad stranger.

Seeing as my networking skills are less than to be desired, one can only imagine that my game is not much better, so I decided to stop in the ladies room and call it a night.  Well, they must have put something in the soap or my body was overtaken by the body snatchers, but I managed to grow some kohones between the bathroom and the exit.  Because what happened in the 50 feet it took to walk to the front door was not something that I would do under any circumstances, normal or otherwise.  I strutted, who struts anyways, right up to that cute stranger and literally thrust my business card in his hand and informed him that I was giving him my card and that he should use it.  Well, to my astonishment and probably his, he replied “That is the most awesomely, ballsy thing and wow you’re hot, but wait here is my card, don’t use it because I am calling you.” With that, I walked straight out the door and power-walked to my car for fear that reality would actually set in before I could sit down.

Now the question is did he call… yeah he did.