The Legally Blondes of the Advertising World

As the resident networker for Rhyme & Reason Design, I have the pleasure of talking up the company to just about anyone who will listen and sometimes even those who don’t.  After I finished one of my pitches, the young man who so patiently listened to my explanation of how our websites are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, informed me that he had already seen our site and with a broad grin on his face said that we were the equivalent of the “Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)” of the advertising world.  At first I was a bit offended that he placed Rhyme & Reason into such a specific niche so quickly, but after some deeper consideration, I realized he might not be that far from the mark.

From a surface level perspective, we could have starred in legally blonde.  Three blondes, boasting three bachelor’s degrees, 2 master’s degrees, mid-twenties, woke up one day and decided to start a business and the business materials just so happen to smell vaguely of flowers.  Yes, I would say we could give Elle Woods a run for her money.  Just like the aforementioned leading lady, we have noticed that the business world is a lot harder to navigate when you are immediately judged by your outward appearance.  However, much like our Legally Blonde roots, we are discovering that embracing who we are is exactly what works.  So in the words of a previous boss, “if you can’t fight it, flaunt it”.

At the end of the day, although our hair is blonde and our site has a touch of feminine flair, Rhyme & Reason is capable of both embracing our niche and blazing new trails, so whatever your product or service we can design a piece of work that is uniquely you.