Welcome to the blog at Rhyme & Reason Design!


This is our way of staying in touch with you, letting you know what we’re up to, and keeping you in the loop about anything cool or exciting going on with the company.  We may be a website design company, but make no mistake—we’re not a bunch of nerdy IT guys and gals hunched over computers all day!  We’re actually a pretty diverse bunch, and we think that’s what makes us so great.  Here is a rundown of the major players:

Karen:  The Creative Genius

Like those cool designs and graphics you see featured on our site?  Thank Karen for that.  She is the driving creative force behind all of the art content we create for our customers.  Karen combines her natural artistic talent and knowledge of the digital world to create stunning and original graphics.

Erin: The Programming Pro

Erin takes all the stuff we create at Rhyme & Reason Design and makes it come to life on the web.  She speaks that (very) foreign language known as coding, and somehow turns it into functional, unique, user-friendly websites.  Her ever-expanding knowledge of all things web allows Rhyme & Reason Design to be on the cutting edge of web design.

Kasey: The Grammar Guru

What good is a website that has amazing art and cool functions if things are spelled wrong?  Or worse, if (gasp) a comma is misplaced?  That’s where Kasey comes in.  Her ability to spot even the tiniest grammar mishap keeps our customer’s websites sounding well written and professional.  So no need to worry if you don’t have the entire AP Style manual memorized—Kasey’s got you covered.

Scarlett: The Marketing Maven

Scarlett is the go-to gal for keeping in touch with you, our customers.  After all, you are our top priority!  She’ll keep you up to date with what’s going at Rhyme & Reason Design, as well as helping you figure out how we can better meet your needs.  Scarlett’s goal is to always be looking out for number one—and in this case, that’s you!

We hope you’ll check back with us as we update our blog.  We’ll be sharing more about ourselves so you can get to know who we are, where we come from, and why we love doing what we do.  We’re always learning new things and keeping up with trends in the industry, and we want to update you on that as well.  This will be your resource for all things Rhyme & Reason Design.  Thanks for checking us out, and we hope you’ll be back soon!

-The Rhyme & Reason Design Team