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Big Nerd’s Big Site

If you are a Rhyme & Reason Design fan, you’ve probably heard us talk about Big Nerd Ranch a time or 10. Well we have been lucky enough to work with the coolest Nerds around for several years and during that time, we have helped create a cohesive brand message that seamlessly translates across digital and traditional marketing materials.

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Welcome to the Nerdiest Show on Earth!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the Nerdiest Show on Earth.

Wait, were you expecting me to say “spectacular” or “grandest”?

Sorry to disappoint, but this circus doesn’t come complete with lions, tigers and bears. Instead, you’ll find Apples, Androids and Developers, oh my!

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Facebook Timeline, designing for visual engagement

Woohoo! We survived the transition to Timeline, did you? On March 30th, Facebook introduced businesses the world over to their new social layout. Surprisingly, it was met with a high level of positive feedback, unlike the personal timeline profiles. In a previous post, I spoke in detail about the value–adding changes that Timeline was bringing […]

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Ahhh December, the month for eating too much, spending too much and donning clothes you wouldn’t normally be caught dead in. This past week, I was up in Atlanta combining work with play. On my mini “work-ation,” Karen and I had the opportunity to brainstorm our holiday greetings (look for yours in the mail soon), […]

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Cool by Association

I may be biased when I say that we have some of the coolest clients in the business, but seriously, we work with some pretty impressive companies. However, even I must admit that one of our clients takes the cake when it comes to being cool. Big Nerd Ranch, the unique software engineering and training […]

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The importance of in-person communication

Like many companies, we have fully embraced the digital workspace, oftentimes hosting Skype-based conference calls and following client activity via their tweets, blogs and posts. Not to mention, the majority of our services involve creating dynamic communication online. However, after spending three weeks in Atlanta shaking hands, passing out hugs and catching up with clients […]

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Cartoon Sketches, Nerds and a Checklist

You’ve probably heard us talk about the Big Nerd Ranch once or twice, but we can’t help it, they’re our favorite nerds! Plus, they give us an opportunity to stretch our creative muscles in all sorts of different directions. Our latest project involved a pen and paper and some tongue-in-cheek copy. So here’s the background, […]

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The Making of a Brochure

You have been a loyal reader of this here blog for nearly three years now and I must thank you many times over for your interest in reading my ramblings. Now here’s my question to you, after all this time of reading about the cool designs we’ve created and the fun clients we’ve worked with […]

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