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Bringing Bedside Manner to your Keyboard

Hospitals, although conservative in nature and often slow to adopt new ways of communicating, are testing out the social media waters. In fact, as noted in his blog, University of Maryland Medical Center’s web operations manager Ed Bennett records that there are currently 548 hospital YouTube Channels, 1,018 hospital Facebook pages, 788 hospital Twitter accounts, […]

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On The Road Again…

We’ve traded in hostels and backpacks for Holiday Inns and portfolios this summer. That’s right loyal readers, Rhyme & Reason has entered the world of business travel – Woot! Okay, so I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I thought Santa Claus was the real deal and that business travel included […]

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Referrals for all…

As a business owner, you labor diligently to produce great work that in turn creates happy clients. Client referrals are proof that your hard work is paying off. Recently, Rhyme & Reason had the opportunity to design and program the Gator Fire Equipment website. The company which specializes in fire protection engineering, was referred to […]

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